Do you have a beloved pet that is part of your family?
Prieb Property Management strives to make having pets in our rental units as simple as possible. 

For each pet living in the unit, we charge a $150.00 Pet Fee (Non-Refundable) and a $150.00 Pet Deposit (Refundable). In addition, there is a monthly pet rent that is based upon the full grown weight of each animal.

Monthly pet rent is based upon full grown weight.
$25.00 per month Pet Rent per pet for Animals 20lbs and under
$40.00 per month Pet Rent per pet for Animals 21lbs to 40lbs
$60.00 per month Pet Rent per pet for Animals 41lbs to 60lbs
$80.00 per month Pet Rent per pet for Animals 61lbs to 80lbs
$100.00 per month Pet Rent per pet for Animals 81lbs and over
Pet Rent, Pet Fees and Non-Refundable Pet Deposits are Non-Negotiable!!

TENANT is responsible for cleaning up after pets both indoors and outdoors.

Pet sitting for another individual is not permitted without prior written consent and paid pet deposit and fees.

Pets are not be left unattended in property, on patios, balconies or in yard. 

Pets are also not to be allowed to cause nuisance to other tenants or neighbors

We don't have breed restrictions for any of our properties, but do require that you follow any city or county codes regarding pets.

We do have a 2 pet Maximum per residence. 

Please click on the applicable city below for detailed information regarding City Ordinaces concerning pets for our locations.

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Prieb Property Management

Pet Policy