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Prieb Property Management hs multiple Commercial Real Estate locations in Johnson County, KS which offer office space, warehouse space and retail space.

Are you wanting to sign a commercial lease and looking for commercial property for rent? 

Have you found the property that's right for you?

The completing of our commercial application by Tenant and the acceptance of this application by Landlord creates no obligation of Landlord to approve the application. 

This application will be approved or rejected usually within 2-4 business days of being submitted to landlord. However, there is no obligation of Landlord to notify tenant unless the applicaiton is approved. 

If the application is approved, Tenant must pay the security deposit and sign the lease before the tenancy is secured. 

The information provided in the application shall be kept confidential and will only be used by the Property Owner and it's agents to determine approval of Tenant's application.  

To submit an application for commercial space for rent, fill out the below contact form and someone will contact you.