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You can pay the application fee online via credit/debit card
$30.00 application fee for an individual. 


This includes adult children that would be living in the unit. 

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Once you fill out an application:

Please allow approximately 2-4 business days for your application to be processed.

(Special situations do sometime cause this process to be delayed)

Please Note: Unit cannot be held and is not secured until Full Security Deposit has been received. 

$850.00 Security deposit is due when unit is reserved.

50% refundable if move in is canceled within 1-5 days after reservation. Nonrefundable thereafter to cover OWNER’S losses resulting from processing expenses and from holding the unit for the applicant and readying the unit for occupancy. 

Rent and Security Deposit amounts are subject to change. Price is only locked in with paid security deposit. 

Once your application is approved, a member of our staff will contact you to set up a time for you to sign a lease with us.  If for some reason we choose to deny your application you will receive a letter via Email. 

When reviewing your application we are looking at the "Big Picture"  We do not base our decision solely off your credit score or one particular area of the report. 

Rental Qualification Guidelines

Monthly should not exceed 30% of the applicant's gross monthly income.

Lessees must be 18 years of age or older. All adults over 18 years of age potentially living in the home must fill out separate applications and be qualified individually. Legally married couples will be screened jointly.  The above statements include adult children.

80% of credit should be positively rated. We do offer flexibility with Medical expenses and Bankruptcy. (Report must show positive credit since the bankruptcy). Student loans or support orders in Negative standing as well as State and/or Federal Liens will result in denial of your application.

We do not accept Co-Signers.

Rental History:

Must have positive rental history with on-time payments and sufficient notice given. Applicant will be immediately denied if any balance is owed to a previous landlord or previous evictions have been filed. 


Current employment and income must be verified. If employment has been offered but not yet started, a signed offer letter and acceptance letter must be provided.

We run a complete criminal background check. Applicants with a criminal conviction may be denied.  Applicants with a felony conviction or narcotics charge will result in an automatic denial. We do not lease to registered sex offenders. 

Occupancy Limits:

Occupants must not exceed two people per bedroom. 
Non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, handicapped, or family status. 

The following is due on all units prior to move-in and tenant taking possession:
If below fees are not paid in full by time of move in walkthrough on the move in day, 
Tenant forfeits the unit and it will be re-rented. 

If moving in between the  1st & the 19th of the month:

Security Deposit
Pet Deposit (if applicable)
Pet Fee (if applicable)
Pro-rate Rent
Pro-rated Pet Rent (if applicable)

If moving in between the 20th & the 31st of the month:
Security Deposit
Pet Deposit (if applicable)
Pet Fee (if applicable)
1st Full Month's Rent
Pro-rate Rent
Pro-rated Pet Rent (if applicable)

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